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La saisie de NFT

saisie de NFT

Metaverse, NFT, crypto… impossible aujourd’hui d’ignorer ces nouveaux domaines. Première étude d’huissiers de Justice à notre connaissance à accepter les paiements en bitcoin, nous nous étions déjà intéressés à la saisie de bitcoin. Aujourd’hui, la montée en puissance des NFT nous amène à parler de la saisie de NFT : est-ce possible ? Et si oui, sous quelle forme ? Avant de parler de la saisie de NFT, intéressons nous d’abord au régime juridique des NFT. Les NFT émergent et sont mis en avant depuis notamment la vente le 11 mars 2021 chez Christie’s d’une œuvre numérique de l’artiste Beeple […]

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Cashup: the new amicable collection platform

Unpaid bills threaten your business. This is obvious. However, the measures available to you are not easy to access, and it seems premature to incur costs to recover sums due to you. With this in mind, we decided to launch Cashup. Cashup is an amicable collection platform, accessible on mobile, tablet and computer, which allows you to entrust the collection of your unpaid debts to our office free of charge, for an amicable approach. Gone are the days when you had to make an appointment with a bailiff to hand over your file. With Cashup, [...]

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Bitcoin entry: is it possible to enter crypto-currencies?

Seizure of Bitcoins

More and more individuals, and even companies, are holding bitcoin and the question of the possible seizure of bitcoin is being raised. With their high volatility, crypto-currencies (we will speak here of bitcoins because it is the first active crypto, the best known and most widespread, but the following developments are applicable to the majority of crypto-currencies, whether it is Dash, Etherum, Litecoin, etc.), have attracted the French and today a study states that 6.7% of the French would hold them. This is one of the reasons why our study is the first study to accept the [...].

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We accept BitCoin payments - Pay your bailiff in Bitcoin

As the first bailiff's office to accept Bitcoin payments, to the best of our knowledge, we chose to accept this method of payment for several reasons, while making bailiffs, Bitcoin and security go hand in hand. The first of these is that it is nowadays impossible to deny the existence of crypto currencies. They are becoming widespread, and are far from being relegated to a use in the dark web. Many companies accept BitCoin payments and, to name just a few, you can now make a donation to the Fondation de France to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, or to the [...]

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Protecting your creations

protect its creations

Whether writer, musician, advertiser, creative, inventor, designer or stylist, every artist or creative person has one day wondered about the relevance of having their creations protected. However, most of the solutions available to you are quite rigid and costly. This is the reason why we have created the DATA ROOM by bailiff: a service offer accessible online, 24/7, at a cost defying all competition. Protecting your creations with the DATA ROOM, how does it work? Very simply, by clicking on the DATA ROOM button, you have the possibility to create your own [...]

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SMS observation: our study speciality

  Whether you are a business or an individual, there may be times in your life when conversations you have had via SMS become evidence. However, it is an illusion to think of appearing before a magistrate with your own mobile phone, everyone can understand this. It is just as illusory to imagine presenting a magistrate with simple screenshots of his or her phone. Indeed, it will be enough for the opposing party to deny the reality of these messages for the magistrate to refute the evidence. The only way to prove the reality of an SMS conversation [...].

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The bailiff and intellectual protection

Intellectual property: How can the judicial officer help you to protect your works and creations? Bailiffs are your natural allies in the protection of your works and creations, both upstream (when the bailiff gives a certain date to your creations) and after counterfeiting of your creations. We will deal with this second point in another article. Intellectual protection: protecting your creations by giving them a certain date. Since the law of December 22, 2010 (known as the Béteille Law), the Official Statements of Finding drawn up by judicial officers have a date certain date.

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The Internet report, or reports on the Internet

Le constat internet : « idem est non esse aut non probari« , les droits sont comme s’ils n’existaient pas s’ils ne peuvent être prouvés. Cet adage n’est nullement poussiéreux et l’huissier de Justice, homme de preuve, a vu récemment la force probante de ses constatations renforcée par le législateur. Moderne dans la tradition, l’Huissier de Justice a parfaitement su s’adapter à l’ère de l’internet pour apporter en cette matière la preuve de faits matériels s’y déroulant. Pour effectuer une demande de constat en ligne I) Le recours à l’huissier de Justice, dans le cadre des litiges liés à l’Internet, fait partie […]

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New bank and seizure by bailiff

After the traditional banks, online banks such as ING or Boursorama for example have appeared. These institutions are now competing with FinTech, the so-called neo banks. We also call them 3.0 banks. Among the many advantages of these neo banks (not all of which are financial institutions) are free accounts, free Visa or Mastercard payment cards, the possibility of immediate transfers, immediate exchange at no cost or the possibility of using monetary currencies and crypto currencies on the same account... But these institutions offer [...].

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Bailiffs throughout France: the Delivract network


In the daily exchanges between legal professionals, email has replaced fax or post, allowing a dematerialization of transmissions, without however meeting all the needs that are those of lawyers, real estate agencies, and generally speaking any person who must involve bailiffs throughout France. We have therefore questioned many of our correspondents, and among their requests, was frequently a search for efficiency in the time required to manage the dispatches necessary for the perfect running of their offices. Indeed, the current secretariats have the heavy burden of having to find the Judicial Officer who is competent in the area of the [...]

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The Banking Identity Statement, called by its acronym R.I.B, is destined to disappear in favour of the IBAN... But what exactly is the IBAN, by the way? First of all, what is this acronym: IBAN? IBAN means: International Bank Account Number. It is the international standard for the exact identification of an account and its banking institution through a unique combination of numbers and letters. The IBAN is the identifier of your bank account and is 27 characters long: letters or numbers. However, this length varies from one country to another between 14 and 34 characters. […]

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Twitter facebook defamation: a common cocktail


Whether on twitter or facebook, internet users sometimes feel untouchable, entrenched behind the anonymity of their keyboard. If you are a victim, here are the steps to take: The Law on the freedom of the press of 29 July 1881 is not only applicable to paper communication but also to communication on the internet, and in particular blogs and social networks. The LCEN law of 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy makes publications on the internet subject to the [...]

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