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State of health emergency: consequences on commercial leases - covid rent

covid rent

Faced with the worsening spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, a new state of public health emergency was declared as of 17 October 2020. A law published in the Official Gazette on 15 November 2020 authorised its extension until 16 February 2021 inclusive. This measure follows on from the first state of emergency that had been established throughout the national territory on 24 March 2020 with the publication of the Emergency Act of 23 March 2020 to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. It was extended until 10 July 2020 by the Act of 11 May 2020. This time, it is the law [...]

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Seizure of vines

vine seizure

Our office has jurisdiction over the vineyards of Chablis, as it is under the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal. Indeed, our offices are certainly competent on the whole Paris region (Paris, inner and outer suburbs) but also on the departments of Eure et Loir (28) and Yonne (89). This is an opportunity to question the seizure of vines. In reality, the seizure of vineyards can have two facets. It can be a seizure of agricultural land, but also a seizure of the harvest. The seizure of vines as a seizure of standing crops: Before studying this seizure, [...]

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Safe deposit box seizure

safe-deposit box attachment

If the debtor wants to protect his valuable effects in a safe deposit box, he may be confronted with a seizure of the safe deposit box. Of course, when we talk about a seizure of a safe deposit box, we are actually talking about the seizure of the assets in the safe deposit box. There are actually two separate procedures depending on the nature of the safe deposit box. The first is the seizure of the safe of an individual or a company kept at home or in the office, while the second is the seizure of property placed in a safe held within a banking institution. The property contained [...].

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Seizure of shares in SCIs

attachment of shares in SCIs

Sometimes, proceedings against a natural person are made difficult by the lack of sufficient movable surface area to recover its claim, other times because of a more or less voluntary organization of an insolvency. Thus, in particular, a number of debtors organise their assets through companies and their real estate assets through SCIs. And yet, shares in SCIs can be seized and sold at auction, which, when one knows how to use this subtle tool of the seizure of shares in SCIs, very frequently makes it possible to obtain efficient recovery. Our study, which specialises in the implementation of the [...]

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