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The bailiff at the time of confinement

Containment began this morning. We are reliving the situation of last spring, resigned. However, the majority of the bailiffs have organized themselves in anticipation of this reconfinement. Small points in the form of questions and answers. Do the studies remain open during the confinement? Of course, our answers engage only our study and we cannot speak on behalf of our fellow-members. Our two studies, 6 place Tristan Bernard in Paris 17th and 12 avenue du général Gallieni in Nanterre remain open and available. Of course, we will favour teleworking for our collaborators, with a reduced but real presence in the offices. […]

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Death of the tenant: what to do?

tenant's death

If you are the owner of a rental unit, it is possible that one day a tenant may die during the course of the lease. In this case, what should you do? How to react to the death of a tenant? The rules differ according to the nature of the lease (furnished or unfurnished), and according to the existence or not of a surviving co-occupant and heirs. We will see successively the case of the death of a tenant holding an empty lease (law of 1989) by distinguishing the case where the tenant lived alone from the case where he did not live alone. We will then look at the case of furnished rentals, which [...].

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FOCUS ON ... the protection order

Nous inaugurons une nouvelle série d’articles, intitulés FOCUS. Il s’agit d’articles courts, peu techniques, visant à mettre en avant et à expliquer des procédures, des faits juridiques, à vocation du plus grand nombre. Nous espérons que cette série vous plaira et vous pouvez la retrouver à l’aide de l’outil « catégorie » en marge de la page. Focus donc, aujourd’hui sur : l’ordonnance de protection Créée par la loi n°2010-769 du 9 juillet 20101, l’ordonnance de protection est délivrée par le juge aux affaires familiales. Elle permet à la victime de violences conjugales (qu’il s’agisse ou non d’un couple marié) d’obtenir en […]

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Bitcoin entry: is it possible to enter crypto-currencies?

Seizure of Bitcoins

More and more individuals, and even companies, are holding bitcoin and the question of the possible seizure of bitcoin is being raised. With their high volatility, crypto-currencies (we will speak here of bitcoins because it is the first active crypto, the best known and most widespread, but the following developments are applicable to the majority of crypto-currencies, whether it is Dash, Etherum, Litecoin, etc.), have attracted the French and today a study states that 6.7% of the French would hold them. This is one of the reasons why our study is the first study to accept the [...].

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We accept BitCoin payments - Pay your bailiff in Bitcoin

As the first bailiff's office to accept Bitcoin payments, to the best of our knowledge, we chose to accept this method of payment for several reasons, while making bailiffs, Bitcoin and security go hand in hand. The first of these is that it is nowadays impossible to deny the existence of crypto currencies. They are becoming widespread, and are far from being relegated to a use in the dark web. Many companies accept BitCoin payments and, to name just a few, you can now make a donation to the Fondation de France to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, or to the [...]

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