Here you can file, any documents that you want to keep and to which you want to give certain date.

These may be confidential documents, for example, that you would like to offer to consult only to certain people. The judicial officer guarantees the legal security of a certain date conferred on the documents transmitted, guaranteeing confidentiality, and can attest to their consultation by the authorized persons.

Businessman on blurred background using digital padlock security interface to protect datas 3D rendering

Some examples of use:

  • In the context of an acquisition merger, the DATA ROOM secured by usher contains all the information made available by the seller of a company (or company assets) to allow one, and more frequently, purchasers to come to consult them in order to make an offer to buy.
  • In the context of a complex and confidential call for tenders, information is made available by a company to suppliers to carry out a tender on a complex and confidential project.
  • In the context of the protection of intellectual creation: whether it is a manuscript, a musical work, architectural plans, photographs, videos or even a presentation... THE DATA ROOM service allows you to give a certain date to your creation, and thus guarantee you against plagiarism.
  • For the deposit of your gaming rules
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