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Terms and conditions of sale :

  1. Potential buyers are invited to examine the properties that may be of interest to them before the auction during the pre-sale exhibitions. The attributions made in the sale catalogues have been established taking into account the knowledge at the date of the sale. The descriptions of the lots and the indications given by Leroi & Associés are registered to facilitate the personal appreciation of the potential buyers, but have no contractual value.
  2. The goods offered are so-called second-hand goods, so the mention of state of use applies to all lots. Estimates are given for information only and cannot be considered as a certainty of the price at which the object will be sold. Estimates, weights, dimensions, etc. are given for information only and cannot constitute any guarantee whatsoever.
  3. The bidder must act on his own behalf unless he has been informed in advance that he is acting as a proxy for a third party, which has been accepted by Leroi & Associés. All bidders who place their bids undertake to pay the auction price in cash, increased by the buyer's fees and any taxes that may be due. Solvency remains therefore mandatory to bid.
  4. Rules for bidding : To bid you have to be present in the room of sale and make a gesture of bidding. However, Leroi & Associés receives and graciously accepts to perform purchase orders (i.e. orders to bid up to a specified amount) which will have been transmitted to it before the sale, but will not be liable in the event of any error or omission in the execution of the orders received, including in the event of fault. For information, these purchase order(s) are contractually binding on you if you are successful to send us your payment (bank transfer, credit card, cash according to regulations, remote payment or cheque) immediately after the sale and to indicate the method of delivery or withdrawal of the lot that you have acquired. If you are successful, you will receive your bidding slip by e-mail or post after the sale, on which our bank details will be attached to facilitate your payment. Purchase orders must be accompanied by a deposit payment. Purchase orders must be received by us in writing (preferably by e-mail) and at the latest 24 hours before the sale. Purchase orders are irrevocable. If the issuer of an order is present in the room, the purchase order takes precedence up to the amount of the order.
  5. Auction and transfer of ownership The successful bidder will be the person who has placed the highest bid. The hammer blow followed by the pronunciation of the word "adjudicated" will mark the end of the auction and the transfer of ownership of the property.. The successful tenderer shall not be able to obtain delivery of the lot until the full price has been paid. A payment date of one week, unless otherwise specified in the special conditions of sale, is allowed.
  6. The mastery of sales: Leroi & Associés ensures the respect of the law and the control of the sale by one of its qualified bailiffs qualified commissioners of justice authorized to direct the sale. In this respect, Leroi & Associés notably ensures equality between all bidders, reserves the right to refuse any bid from a bidder deemed to be in default of payment, and to organise the bids in the most appropriate manner.
  7. Paiement :La vente sera faite au comptant et conduite en euros. Les acquéreurs paieront des frais en sus des enchères 14.28 % TTC pour une vente judiciaire et 22% TTC pour une vente volontaire. La vente étant conduite en euros, le règlement des objets, ainsi que celui des taxes s’y appliquant, sera effectué dans la même monnaie Le paiement doit être effectué immédiatement après la vente. L’adjudicataire pourra s’acquitter par les moyens suivants : Par carte bancaire en salle, par chèque bancaire avec présentation obligatoire d’une pièce d’identité en cours de validité, par virement bancaire en euros, en espèces (selon la règlementation en vigueur) jusqu’à 1 000 euros frais et taxes comprises pour les ressortissants français et jusqu’à 15 000 euros frais et taxes comprises pour les ressortissants étrangers sur présentation de leur domiciliation fiscale. En application des règles de TRACFIN, le règlement ne pourra pas venir d’un tiers.
  8. Retrait des lots : Aucun achat ne sera délivré avant paiement effectif de l’intégralité du bordereau et vérification du bon encaissement. Les œuvres acquises sont sous l’entière responsabilité de l’acheteur et ce, dès l’adjudication prononcée. Tout lot acheté à Leroi & Associés et non repris le jour de la vente ou à la date indiquée pour le retrait des lots sera stocké au magasinage à charge de frais journaliers pour l’acquéreur (exemple : véhicules 7€/jour).

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