Bailiff's finding of discrimination


Bailiff's report on discriminationBailiff's report on discrimination: The fight against discrimination is now one of the main concerns of society. The law admits the principle of testing in order to provide proof of discrimination.
The bailiffs of our office are at your disposal to make a statement of the possible discrimination that you suffer. You still need to know what is called discrimination.

The Observatory of Discriminations reminds us, for example, of discrimination in recruitment:

Physical appearance
Ethnicity and non-ethnicity
Belonging or not to a nation
Whether or not a person belongs to a race
Whether or not you belong to a religion
The state of health
Gender identity
Sexual orientation
Marital status
The patronymic
Trade union activities
Genetic characteristics
Political opinions
Origin (i.e. social origin)
Place of residence
Particular vulnerability resulting from the economic situation
For being subjected to or refusing to be subjected to sexual harassment
For having suffered or refused to suffer repeated acts of psychological harassment or for having witnessed or reported such acts.



Any person who considers that he or she has been the victim of direct or indirect discrimination shall present to the competent court the facts from which it may be presumed that such discrimination has occurred. In the light of these elements, it is for the defendant to prove that the measure in question is justified by objective elements unrelated to any discrimination. The judge shall form his conviction after ordering, where necessary, all the investigative measures he deems useful.

The fact that the victim merely pursued the objective of proving the existence of a discriminatory act or order does not exclude the liability of the defendant in the event of damage caused to that person.

Article 4 of the law of 27 May 2008 amended on 27 January 2017 reads as follows

In order to provide proof of discrimination, a bailiff's statement of facts is indisputable proof.
We attend the testings and draw up a report of our findings.

Bailiff's report on discrimination: how to proceed? 

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