prox bailiff's reportPrice of a bailiff's statement of facts: Calling in a bailiff for a statement of facts has become extremely simple. We will see the simplest ways to obtain a statement of facts. But what about the cost? How to obtain the best price? 




Statements of condition, statements of facts before works, statements of noise pollution, SMS statements, Internet statements of facts, road reports, building site reports, discrimination reports, building permit posting reports, judicial officers are led to participate, more and more, on a daily basis, in the protection and the defense of the rights of citizens. Undisputed proof near the authorities, the courts or the insurance companies, the statement of facts of judicial officers is unavoidable as regards protection and defence of the inheritance and personal goods.

Mandated by a private individual, the bailiff travels to draw up a report of a bailiff's statement of facts. This one will be supported, if necessary, by additional supporting documents (photos, videos, screenshots, diagrams, plans, sketches, photocopies of documents... ). Except in rare cases in rental matters, the price of the statement of facts is freely negotiated with the bailiff according to the specificities of the operations and their duration.
Let us recall the concrete advantages of the recourse to the judicial officer's statement of facts to guarantee the respect of your rights and/or the protection of your goods. You have the certainty of having irrefutable and indisputable proof with the authorities, courts and insurance companies. You will save time, money, and certainly avoid a long lawsuit .



But... how much does it cost? 

In most cases the rates are free. They generally vary between 275 and 400 euro. However, it is sometimes possible to get the best prices by using simple solutions:

  • Avoiding late requests: if you book your bailiff in advance, you can get a better price than if you call when you need him or her
  • By asking for your reports during working hours: a report before 8.30 am or after 7 pm will be charged more than a report requested between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm.
  • By making an online request. By doing so, you usually get a quote faster.

For example, you can use our online booking tool here ... and get an online quote :


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