If your debtor, company or private individual, has its registered office or residence in another member state of the European Union, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our firm offers you the benefit of its experience in the mastery of European instruments on the one hand, and international instruments in general, on the other hand, to accompany and advise you in your international service of documents and enforcement proceedings.

International significance

Calling upon a judicial officer in such matters is the guarantee of having a certain date for your documents, and our firm gives you the benefit of its knowledge concerning the obligatory information that must appear in documents intended to be delivered abroad.

Our office is at your side to deliver your judicial and extra-judicial documents, both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

The European instruments and the various international conventions make it possible to deliver a document to its addressee, anywhere in the world, and our study advises you on the procedure to adopt, as well as on the procedural effects with regard to the French courts.

International execution

Since the field of international execution is vast, the main lines of it will be presented here.

  • Intra-European enforcement :

The law of the European Union makes it possible to circulate, and thus to enforce, court decisions handed down in France, in civil and commercial matters, in all the Member States, without any specific exequatur procedure. Conversely, a judgment given outside France, in a member country of the European Union, can be enforced on national territory.

The European Union also has autonomous instruments: the European order for payment, the European Enforcement Order or the Small Claims Procedure. We will help you to implement these different instruments, which have the advantage of being able to circulate in all Member States without an exequatur procedure and will therefore be automatically recognised in the State of enforcement.

In addition, in precautionary matters, a European precautionary procedure for the attachment of bank assets has been created, authorising the creditor to have the assets of his debtor located in another Member State of the European Union seized as a precautionary measure.

  • European countries, not members of the European Union:

The European Union has also deepened its relations with third countries that are close neighbours, such as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. On this occasion, the Lugano Convention applicable between the European Union and its States simplifies the circulation and enforcement of judgments.

  • The rest of the world:

Finally, as regards the rest of the world, if the French court can authorise a measure to be enforced abroad, this will always be subject to exequatur in the State of enforcement. Exequatur is the procedure that tends to make enforceable in one State a decision given in another State. The intervention of a lawyer is indispensable for this purpose.