Since 1987, our firm has been bringing you all its experience, composed of seven judicial officers and twenty experienced collaborators, for the drafting and service of your documents throughout the Ile de France region. Our main areas of intervention are set out below, but we are of course at your disposal to discuss your particular projects.

For more information on the various enforcement measures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service of documents

The service by a judicial officer offers a maximum level of guarantee and security, because; ensured by a public officer, the date of delivery of the document has the authentic character and proves to be determining for the acts of the legal and current life. In addition, the judicial officer, a legal professional, checks and affixes the obligatory legal notices for the validity of the documents in order to safeguard your interests.

Extrajudicial acts

We put our experience to your advantage for the drafting of holidays, in residential, commercial, professional or rural matters; but also the drafting of orders and summons to pay in the above-mentioned matters.

We are also at your disposal for the drafting and delivery of interpellatory summons. The purpose of this act is to collect statements from a person with targeted questions, answering a reminder of the facts. It has the advantage of providing you with proof of a fact or an omission and of shedding light on a given situation.

In addition, we can serve your letters and documents for which you wish to bring a certain date of delivery, and guard you from unsuccessful delivery by the postal services in conflict situations.

Judicial Acts

Within the framework of a lawsuit, the judicial officer intervenes as of the document initiating proceedings, by the delivery of your subpoenas alongside your lawyers, and this until the forced execution of court decisions.

As such, we issue summonses to appear before all courts, in civil and commercial matters, and we are at your side throughout the proceedings for the service of your conclusions.

Once the court decision has been obtained, we proceed to serve it in order to open the means of recourse provided for by our law to the defendant, specifying that this formality is the compulsory prerequisite for any measures of forced execution.

Finally, if your opponent does not comply voluntarily, our study suggests that you initiate all useful civil enforcement proceedings in order to compel him/her to do so.

Our office is at your disposal to serve your judicial and extrajudicial documents from Monday to Saturday, from 6 am to 9 pm.

Forced execution

Because it is essential that court decisions are followed by action, and that you are thus reintegrated into your rights, with its experience, our firm accompanies you in order to execute the court decisions obtained for your benefit, through the seizure of goods at public auctions, or through the eviction procedure if your property rights have been infringed.

As such, we implement all the civil enforcement procedures provided for by our law, depending on the assets of your debtor, to obtain the recovery of the sums owed to you, or regain full ownership of your property.

Performance in kind of obligations to do :

Occupiers without right or title, indelicate tenants or squatters, constitute an infringement of the right of ownership. Our study provides you with its analysis and knowledge to carry out a successful eviction procedure. Institutional or private landlords, we are at your disposal to meet your requirements.

Our office is also at your disposal for the execution in kind of certain court decisions ordering the handing over of a specially determined property. The outcome of this procedure is not the sale by public auction, but the apprehension of a good in the hands of the holder or in the hands of a third party.

Our firm will assist you in the search for the property or properties you own, in order to apprehend them and hand them over to you, and will advise you on the procedure to follow in this respect if you do not yet have a court order.

Performance on tangible or intangible personal property :

To this end, the judicial officer is empowered to carry out searches in order to find out the extent of the assets of the prosecuted person, whether it is a natural person or a legal entity.

Once the extent of your debtor's assets is known, we can proceed with the seizure of bank accounts, the seizure of shares, the seizure of work remuneration, or the seizure of tangible movable assets such as furniture, works of art, or the seizure of vehicles and the contents of a safe deposit box.

We also make special seizures on specific assets, such as aircraft and boats. Special seizures extend to taxi licenses, as well as trademarks and patents registered at the INPI.

Once the seizure has been carried out, our study proceeds to the auction sale of the tangible or intangible goods in order to disinterest you; you will find " here " (put a link) our previous auctions and our future sales.

Our law firm also represents you in court during the procedure for the attachment of remuneration.

Execution on real estate assets

Enforcement may also be extended to the debtor's real estate assets, through seizure of real estate. As this is a legal procedure, we work alongside lawyers specialised in this field.