Our firm is able to offer you amicable and legal recovery throughout France.

If you are in possession of an enforceable title, French or foreign, we can put the excellence of our processes to your advantage in order to ensure you the best recovery rate. The measures put in place comply with the legal provisions, in strict compliance with the bailiffs' tariff.
These means are coercive procedures allowing you to obtain payment in the shortest possible time, while preserving the humanity necessary for a fair and balanced action.

A défaut de titre exécutoire, et pour offrir une palette complète de recouvrement à nos clients, notre étude a créé l’événement en réinventant le recouvrement amiable avec la création de la première application de recouvrement en mode startup : Cashup que nous vous proposons de découvrir plus en détail.

Cette application permet d’accéder à un recouvrement amiable par huissier de Justice à moindre coût sur TOUTE LA FRANCE.

L’étude s’est en effet spécialisée dans la gestion précontentieuse des impayés. De grands groupes lui confient en effet leurs impayés préalablement à une action contentieuse.

By entrusting your debt collection to the study, you benefit from in-house processing and not from delegation to an outsourced call centre.

The teleoperators are specialized or have a law degree. They manage several hundred files per day and provide clients who entrust their collections to the firm with recognized expertise.

Daily reports are set up and free access via a secure computer link is given to our clients so that they can check the progress of the files.

Beyond the simple telephone call, it is efficiency in collection that is sought, through the use of sophisticated tools and home visits.

As the field of precautionary measures is vast, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice that is closest to your interests, and thus preserve your rights.